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Who We Are and What We Do

The Camp Sherman Historical Society (“CSHS”) was formed in June 2004 and received its 501(c)(3) status determination letter in August 2004. It is an all-volunteer organization. The purpose of CSHS is the accumulation and preservation of significant items, properties, structures, objects or data relating to the history of Camp Sherman. The focus of CSHS is to collect oral histories, photographs and articles relating to the area and to support the preservation of historic properties and sites in the area.


CSHS assisted in the restoration of the Camp Sherman Community Hall, a property listed on the National Historic Register. In 2006, the CSHS successfully completed roof repairs, replicating the doors and stove plates for the cooking facilities, and interpretive signs regarding the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) for the 3 CCC-constructed picnic shelters on the Metolius River near Camp Sherman. Again in 2016, the CSHS began additional repairs on the fireplace in the Camp Sherman Campground.


In 2005, CSHS began its effort to record oral histories of some of the very old timers to preserve the history of the area. Many of those people are no longer here, so we’re happy to have captured their voices. CSHS created two short and one longer video from those oral histories on the history of Camp Sherman. This longer video on the early history of Camp Sherman (70 minutes) is a combination of excerpts from the oral histories. The video, Finding This Place, An Early History of Camp Sherman, was completed in 2015. Along the way two additional short videos were created: a short video (11 minutes) If the trees could speak; and a 30-minute video of Selected Short Stories from Camp Sherman. Also, a video was created on the life of Toni Foster the long-time schoolteacher and leader in Camp Sherman, Toni Foster, The Legacy.

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